Date: 7/31/17 11:47 am
From: Frank Hamilton <fhamil06...>
Subject: R-T Hummingbird Numbers
Several posts last week related to increased sightings of these natural wonders.  I can attest to that.  I started tracking hummers in 2013 after reading that hummers start their southern migration as early as July.  Since then, numbers of sightings start to increase around mid-July; reaching a peak in August-September and falling through October. 

My winter FeederWatch count days are Saturday and Sunday.  I continue my weekly counts from April on into November on these same days.  Previously, I'd been putting out my feeders about the first week of July.  This year I left my feeders out all through spring and into summer and was happy to find 1-3 birds frequenting my area.  From June through the first weekend of July I only counted two hummers.  The second weekend four; third weekend 13; abbreviated fourth weekend 10.  This past weekend my count was 37.*  No doubt the hummers are moving south. Frank HamiltonCharleston, SC
* Except for four sightings, all other sightings were from my backyard feeder.  My counts are not exact since one bird can return at least twice--maybe more--before moving on.  To get a fair, approximate count, I do not monitor traffic on the feeder on the front porch until late in the day. The result is a number I can use to mark the trend of hummer movement.

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