Date: 7/31/17 9:30 am
From: Sandi Morey <hobbsmorey...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Unknown sparrow with yellow face, Cannon Beach
Thanks everyone for the quick suggestions, I'm going to agree with the juvenile Red-Winged Blackbird identification. Especially with the yellow on its face. And especially since there were adults of that variety around the ponds. It's always a treasure hunt, isn't it? Appreciate the responses and support!! Sandi Morey

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Subject: Re: [obol] Unknown sparrow with yellow face, Cannon Beach

Hi Sandi, Tom mentioned House Finch, but have you considered juvenile Red-winged Blackbird? Bill looks a bit pointy for finch. Hope this helps!

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unknown Cannon Beach

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Any thoughts on what this might be? It was hanging out yesterday morning at Cannon Beach's settling ponds. With the yellow color on face and with no reference guide I considered "Savannah" but it doesn't have a light chin patch, chest seems too striped. Looks like a newbie. Ideas?
Sandi Morey, NE Portland
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