Date: 7/30/17 2:51 am
From: John Herman <herman.jp1257...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Rufous-necked Sandpiper: little known Ohio shorebird record
While looking thru back issues of the Cleveland Bird Calendar I saw an
article on a Rufous-necked Sandpiper that was found and confirmed by
multiple sources. The article is in volume 58 number 4, page 40 of the CBC.
This shorebird was seen and photographed at Walnut Beach, Ashtabula. Slides
were made of the photograph and sent to Dr. Alexander Wetmore of the
Smithsonian Institution, Dean Amadon of the American Museum of Natural
History and to Dr. Harry Church Oberholser who all confirmed the
identification. In an article in Western Birds 19:165-169, 1988 entitled
"Identification of the Salton Sea Rufous-necked Sandpiper" is stated
"(Rufous-necked Sandpiper) had occurred as a vagrant in Ohio and
California." Observers of this Salton Sea shorebird included G. McCaskie
and J. L. Dunn. Curious that this record is not in "The Birds of Ohio".
Also curious that ebird, when a person clicks on "add species" does not
permit Rufous-necked Sandpiper to be added to the bird list.
John Herman


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