Date: 7/29/17 8:14 pm
From: Don Morgan via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Boston Hollow (Ashford) Broad-winged Hawk nest update as of 7-28-17
A little over a week ago I sent a post about a Broad-winged Hawk nest
which I discovered in July 10th. Here's my original post:

"On July 10th I found a Broad-winged Hawk nest with 1 chick in it. A that
time it was quite young, with an all white downy head, although the body
appeared to be more like juvenile plumage. The nest was near the road but at
least 100 feet up in the notch of a deciduous tree, and extremely hard to

I was led to the area by the mother who I heard screaming for at least 20
minutes before I went looking. By luck, when I finally got to the spot she
came flying through the forest and went straight to the nest, and after
some searching I spotted it. She continued calling from a tree about 200 feet
from the nest, so I set up my recorder and let it run for about 20 minutes.
It was a windy day with quite a bit of aircraft traffic, so the recording
is noisy, but a very good example of the Broad-wing call/song, even though
boring and repetitious. The recording below is a 2 minute + excerpt.
Pictures include the chick taken 9 days apart.
To date, mom and nestling are still doing well."

I didn't look the 2nd time until July 19, and I also included pics of the
nestling with my post from that date.
I checked again a week later, on the 26th, partially because I saw an
adult Broad-wing sitting on a snag in a field about 300 yards from the nest and
was fairly sure it would be the mother. When I looked at the nest the
juvie was there, so I got my camera and took 3 pictures of him staring back
at me , before, to my astonishment, he flapped his wings and then took off,
going quite a distance before settling in another tree. I had no idea he
(it) would fledge so quickly. I suspect that may have been the first day but
not first flight.
I stopped again on the 28th and he was not in the nest, but I heard him
call, and a few minutes later he was 125 feet or so up in a pine tree near
by. He called for help from mom intermittently but stayed put so I could get
some decent pictures of him, as well as record his calls. I did hear a
distant Broad-wing call but I can't say it was the mother because it never came
near the nest while I was there.
For reference, I found a an obvious juvenile sitting in a tree and
calling on August 1, 2014, and I think that bird was a little older than this one
and away from the nest, so the dates are pretty close.

I have included the same links as in the original post, but I have added
pictures and the call of the juvie as well. To me, the difference in the
bird from the 10th to the 28th is amazing. He had a downy white head then and
even somewhat on the 19th. I didn't realize that raptors mature that
quickly. Perhaps it's because Broad-wings are smaller than RT or RS Hawks.
Hopefully you will be able to access the files in these folders; If not
let me know and I'll try a different way. If it asks you to sign in just
click the x in the upper right corner.
If you view the pictures, the title and date of them appears in the upper
left corner if you do NOT use the full screen option, so you can compare
the juvenile at different dates.

Folder of pics of Mom BW and chick

Songs, in folder

Don Morgan
Coventry, Ct
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