Date: 7/29/17 3:08 pm
From: Kenneth J. Brock <kj.brock...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] NW Indiana (29-July-2017) Alder Flycatchers & shorebirds
Today (29-July 2017) John Cassady, Lynea Hinchman, Randy Pals, and I birded several lakefront sites and then moved inland.

A strong north wind stifled shorebird action on Lake Michigan. Accordingly, we tried some inland sites and thoroughly enjoyed the shorebirds at Pierce Road wetland. We finished the day with eleven shorebird species.

—MICHIGAN CITY HARBOR (met Leland Shaum’s group)
Double-crested Cormorant,5
Sanderling,4 adults
Semipalmated Sandpiper,1 juv
Ring-billed Gull,290
Herring Gull,25

—EAST BEVERLY SHORES (along Beverly Drive)
Wood Duck,29
Great Blue Heron,3
Great Egret,12
Red-tailed Hawk,1
Mourning Dove,2
Black-billed Cuckoo,1- only the 2nd lakefront record this summer
Downy Woodpecker,3
Eastern Wood-Pewee,3
Willow Flycatcher,2 singing
Great Crested Flycatcher,4
White-eyed Vireo,2
Yellow-throated Vireo,1
Red-eyed Vireo,2
Tree Swallow,4
Barn Swallow,5
House Wren,3
White-breasted Nuthatch,3
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,1
Eastern Bluebird,1
Gray Catbird,7
Yellow Warbler,3- 2 singing & 1 visual
American Redstart,3 singing
Common Yellowthroat,10 singing
Eastern Towhee,6
Song Sparrow,3
Swamp Sparrow,4
House Finch,2
Scarlet Tanager,1 singing
Rose-breasted Grosbeak,3
Indigo Bunting,1

—CENTRAL BEVERLY SHORES (along Beverly Drive- with Leland Shaum’s group)
Great Blue Heron,1
Great Egret,3
Green Heron,1
Black-crowned Night Heron,1 adult
Sandhill Crane,1
Chimney Swift,1
Downy Woodpecker,3
Alder Flycatcher,3 singing- this is peak of the fall flight
Willow Flycatcher,1 call note
Warbling Vireo,1
Tree Swallow,2
Bank Swallow,1
House Wren,2
Marsh Wren,2
Eastern Bluebird,2- adult & juv
Gray Catbird,2
Yellow Warbler,1 visual
Common Yellowthroat,7 singing
Eastern Towhee,1
Song Sparrow,5
Swamp Sparrow,3

—WEST BEVERLY SHORES (along Beverly Drive)
Turkey Vulture,1
Mourning Dove,3
Ruby-throated Hummingbird,1
Belted Kingfisher,1 female
Red-headed Woodpecker,2
Northern Flicker,1
Eastern Wood-Pewee,1
Willow Flycatcher,2 1 calling & 1 singing
Eastern Kingbird,1
House Wren,1
Cedar Waxwing,1
Yellow Warbler,1 singing
Common Yellowthroat,3 singing
Song Sparrow,1
Swamp Sparrow,5
House Finch,1
Baltimore Oriole,1 female

—MILLER BEACH (with Jeff McCoy, Leland’s group, & Michael Topp)
Double-crested Cormorant,8
Sanderling,3 adults
Ring-billed Gull,40
Herring Gull,2 juvs
Caspian Tern,12

—REYNOLDS CREEK G.H.A. (s. section only)
Blue-winged Teal,1
Great Blue Heron,2
Turkey Vulture,1
Red-tailed Hawk,2
Tree Swallow,3
Northern Rough-winged Swallow,2
Bank Swallow,10
Barn Swallow,5
Grasshopper Sparrow,3 singing
Song Sparrow,2

—SOUTHERN LAKE CO Red-headed Woodpecker,1

—KANKAKEE FWA- LAPORTE CO (no shorebird habitat)
Red-tailed Hawk,1
Eastern Kingbird,1
Vesper Sparrow,3
Dickcissel,12 singing

—KANKAKEE FWA- STARKE CO (no shorebird habitat on Toto Rd)
Eastern Kingbird,1
Northern Mockingbird,1

Wild Turkey,1
Turkey Vulture,5
Common Gallinule,2
Belted Kingfisher,1
Eastern Wood-Pewee,1
Eastern Phoebe,2
Eastern Kingbird,2
Yellow-throated Vireo,1
Sedge Wren,7
Common Yellowthroat,6
Eastern Towhee,1
Song Sparrow,9
Indigo Bunting,7

—PIERCE ROAD WETLAND (met Allee Forsberg & Kevin Cornell)
Great Blue Heron,5
Great Egret,13
Green Heron,1
Semipalmated Plover,6- 4 adults & 2 not aged
Greater Yellowlegs,1 adult
Lesser Yellowlegs,7 adults
Solitary Sandpiper,9 adults
Spotted Sandpiper,1 adult
Semipalmated Sandpiper,7 adults
Least Sandpiper,22- 3 adults & 19 juvs- record juv count for summer
Pectoral Sandpiper,57- 55 adults & 2 juvs- 2nd earliest juvs for state
Short-billed Dowitcher,2 adults
Belted Kingfisher,1
Eastern Kingbird,1
Bank Swallow,31
Barn Swallow,16
Dickcissel,2 singing

Ken Brock

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