Date: 7/29/17 10:36 am
From: Tom Arny <tarny...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Chiricahua Road Closure (probable) and Mexican Chickadee
Heavy rain the last few days has made the road from Portal up to Onion Saddle very rough and, in fact, has cut the trans-mountain road (FR 42) where East Turkey Creek crosses the road, just above the Paradise Rd intersection. This spot is about 25 minutes from Portal and a comparable time below Onion Saddle. A pick-up truck can get across, but shorter wheel-base vehicles will probably have a tough time. The washout is not wide, but drops off sharply and is likely to hang a car up. I was told that the Forest Service will be locking the gate across the road near the Paradise road intersection. What all this translates to is that Rustler and Barfoot Park and Onion Saddle are not accessible from Portal. I donít know what the Pinery Canyon Road is like. I also have no idea how soon the Forest Service will be able to repair the road. It doesnít look like extensive work.
Despite this barrier, my wife and I had a pleasant hours birding near the Paradise Rd intersection seeing a Mexican Chickadee and a Sulfur-bellied Flycatcher. Ö very good views of each. The Chickadee was perhaps a quarter mile down the road to Paradise near a yellow road sign.

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