Date: 7/29/17 10:04 am
From: Jon Cefus <jcefus...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Entering Historical data into eBird
Hello again!

I had several folks ask about how to get started entering their historical lists into eBird, so I thought I'd share this link:

Of course, this can be a daunting task for those folks who've been keeping lists for a long time. Maybe a few who've started could share a few tidbits about how to make things a bit easier?

I guess if it was me, I'd start with my recent lists and work my way back. Or, perhaps, concentrate on the most significant sightings from a rarity or state records point of view.

I hope this helps some.

I was pulled into the eBird world when on my first guided bird walk, which was led by the gracious and patient Greg Miller at Sippo Lake Park (Stark Co), I saw him entering his sightings into his phone and I asked what he was doing. From then on, I always used eBird. By the way, I'm pretty sure Greg had 30+ species that day before the walk even started...mostly by ear. I was amazed.

I went back through my photos and entered my previous sightings from that data (and metadata)because I didn't own binoculars for the first 7 months of my foray into birding, so my task of putting in old sightings was pretty easy.

Happy birding!

Jon Cefus
Carroll Co.

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