Date: 7/29/17 9:01 am
From: Frank Hamilton <fhamil06...>
Subject: Bald Cardinals/Mississippi Kites
Thanks to all who responded to my bald Cardinal post.  Would you believe I spotted a 'bald' female Cardinal at a feeder this morning!  I also received two direct responses reporting similar Cardinals from SC members in Rock Hill and Hilton Head.  Apparently bald Cardinals are not rare birds.

After posting the kite sighting, I thought it worth while to mention that at least two kites have come to a number of tall trees on or near my street.  They did not appear to be a nesting pair.  However, their presence did provide a humorous incident the first year I saw them.  The kites frequented a tree in a neighbors yard, calling to each other in their distinctive whistle.  The neighbor was perplexed because he thought someone (read woman!) was whistling at him!

Addendum:  The highest number of kites ever seen flying over my immediate area was 11. Frank HamiltonCharleston, SC

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