Date: 7/29/17 8:34 am
From: Bill Whan <billwhan...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Help needed with bird list
On the first page of my book on the birds of central Ohio are some dates
of the first Ohio records of birds in the region (Franklin County and
the six counties surrounding it). I have been surprised by the number of
them, and would be interested if folks would contribute even earlier
dates for any of them in Ohio. Such dates must come from published
sources or curated specimens you can cite, and I would gladly replace my
dates with those occurrences predate mine.
Here are the species and earliest confirmed dates: "Franklin County’s
bird records rank very high among Ohio counties for the numbers of
species involved, the quality of their verification, and their
historical depth. Fifteen Ohio species were first formally recorded
there as living birds: king eider (1880), white-winged scoter (1876),
cattle egret (1958), Mississippi kite (1978), golden eagle 1878),
prairie falcon (1983), rufous hummingbird (1985), red-cockaded
woodpecker (1872), Bell’s vireo 1962), black-throated gray warbler
(1950), green-tailed towhee (1963), Bachman’s sparrow (1890), Harris’s
sparrow (1889), yellow-headed blackbird (1873), and Bullock’s oriole
(1874). Central Ohio observers in neighboring Union, Delaware, Licking,
Fairfield, Pickaway, and Madison counties have added sixteen additional
first state records: Eurasian wigeon (1906), cinnamon teal (1895),
common eider (1895), black scoter (1876), surf scoter 1917), magnificent
frigatebird (1980), Harris’s hawk (1917), purple gallinule (1877),
long-billed curlew (1907), ruff (1872), long-tailed jaeger (1928),
Sabine’s gull (1926), black-legged kittiwake (1925), Franklin’s gull
(1906), spotted towhee (1946), and Henslow’s sparrow (1872).
Annotations for additional species verified in the seven counties are
included below, yielding a list of the 372 bird species of central Ohio
thus defined."
I would be glad to have help from folks who can provide earlier
confirmed occurrences of the above species. The work of looking into the
early records of birds in other Ohio counties asks too much of me. I
would need the Ohio county, year and the published source for any I
missed. Many thanks for your help with Ohio ornithological history, Bill
p.s. I would also appreciate hearing from folks who might be able to
explain why old published reports or specimens of water birds from Ohio
seem to come from central Ohio--many of them from days before the


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