Date: 7/28/17 6:03 am
From: Melvin Weber <mweber...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Cameron
Robby Bacon and I did Cameron yesterday 7-27-17. Pretty typical for July.

In the fields north of Cameron we had several Bobwhites calling along with many singing Dickcissels. Also along the road ditches we had 3 Solitary Sandpipers.

Pintail Loop was over-run with Purple Gallinules, mostly juveniles of all ages. We also had 2 of the 5 Caracaras there. We ended up with 1 Fulvous and 4 Black-bellied Whistling Ducks for our only ducks of the day.

In the town of Cameron we had one Fish Crow.

Along Holly Beach west we had lots of terns. About 1200 least, 300 black, 50 Caspian, 200 Royal, 100 Fosters, 6 Gull-billed and 4 Sandwich. Lots of laughing gulls with a single Herring. Also on this beach we have one Reddish Egret, 4 Snowy Plovers and 2 Wilsons, and two Ospreys.

At Hooligans the only migrants (??) were about 10 Orchard Orioles.

All day long we found small groups (10 t0 50) Purple Martins. Probably 40 to 50 groups. Also lots of Nighthawks moving. Also did manage 2 or 3 Scissor-tails.

About 1/2 mile east of Hollimans along the main road we had our bird of the day. Of course it will have to wait for the official committee ruling but it looked like a great candidate for an imm Short-tailed Hawk. Got photos but they are far from great. Still it will be sent in as such.

One never knows what bird is around the next bend.
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