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Subject: [NEBirds] More on McCook birds
Nebraska birders,

Lanny and I did some birding in the McCook area last weekend.
Below our list of highlights are some details:
Purple Martins
Black-capped Chickadees
Common Nighthawks
Spotted Sandpipers
Blue Grosbeaks
Bell's Vireos
Northern Bobwhite
Orchard Orioles
Red-eyed Vireo

July 22, we looked for the Scissor-tail without success. We did
see about five Purple Martins in McCook. In Barnett Park, we saw
a pair of Black-capped Chickadees, about four Common Nighthawks
and two Spotted Sandpipers. This park is a great birding area.

July 23, we birded the area west of McCook and west of Red
Willow Reservoir. We heard a some Blue Grosbeaks, Bell's Vireos
and Northern Bobwhite. We saw many Orchard Orioles. We heard
only about four Dickcissels during the whole day but I suppose
they are uncommon down there. We saw one Common Nighthawk in
the middle of the day. In a wooded area on the west side of
Red Willow Reservoir, we heard a Red-eyed Vireo singing. We
also saw a badger and Mule Deer. This was the day that we saw
the grouse calling 'Yoo Hoo.' I have not found anything online
yet that comes close to that call.

The Dickcissel was a new county bird for both of us in Hitchcock.
The Common Nighthawk and Sharp-tailed Grouse were new county
birds for both of us in Hayes. I also added Grasshopper Sparrow
to Hitchcock County. Lanny's new total in Hayes County is 97
and mine is 96. Lanny's new total in Hitchcock County is 133
and mine is 131.

NO eBird

Robin Harding
northern Kearney County

September 15-17 birding event based in Ogallala, Nebraska
Organized by dedicated volunteers of the Nebraska Ornithologists'
Field trips are planned to Lake McConaughy and other great birding
areas in the area.



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