Date: 7/27/17 1:50 pm
From: Kenneth J. Brock <kj.brock...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Lakefront 27-July-2017 Sterna Terns
Today (27-July-2017) John Cassady, Lynn Vernon, and I birded the eastern Indiana lakefront.

Once again our target was large shorebirds, but we struck out. Afternoon winds shifted into the north at 10 knots, which is not good for seeing migrant shorebirds. Our highlight was the appearance of Common and Forster’s Terns at Michigan City Harbor

Double-crested Cormorant,11
Red-tailed Hawk,1
Spotted Sandpiper,2
Ruddy Turnstone,7 adults
Sanderling,10 adults
Semipalmated Sandpiper,1 adult
Herring Gull,15
Common Tern,4 adults
Forster’s Tern,16- including two 1st-summer birds
Eastern Kingbird,1
Purple Martin,4
Bank Swallow,11
Barn Swallow,3

—EAST BEVERLY SHORES (along Beverly Dr.)
Wood Duck,15- including a half-grown youngster
Great Blue Heron,2
Great Egret,3
Bald Eagle,1 immature
Red-shouldered Hawk,1 juv
Red-bellied Woodpecker,1
Eastern Wood-Pewee,1
Willow Flycatcher,2 “whit note”
White-eyed Vireo,1
Yellow-throated Vireo,1
Red-eyed Vireo,2
Wood Thrush,2 singing
Gray Catbird,1
Yellow Warbler,1 singing
American Redstart,1 singing
Common Yellowthroat,7 singing
Eastern Towhee,4
Song Sparrow,1
Swamp Sparrow,5
Scarlet Tanager,2 singing

Wood Duck,2
Great Blue Heron,2
Great Egret,2
Caspian Tern,1
Belted Kingfisher,1
Downy Woodpecker,1
Northern Flicker,1
Willow Flycatcher,2 “whit note”
Eastern Kingbird,1
Tree Swallow,1
Gray Catbird,1
Cedar Waxwing,1
Common Yellowthroat,8 singing
Song Sparrow,4
Swamp Sparrow,5

—WEST BEVERLY SHORES (along Beverly Dr.)
Great Blue Heron,2
Red-headed Woodpecker,3- adult & 2 juvs
Willow Flycatcher,1 “whit note”
Eastern Bluebird,2
Cedar Waxwing,7
Common Yellowthroat,8 singing
Eastern Towhee,1
Song Sparrow,6
Swamp Sparrow,5

Ken Brock

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