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Subject: RE: [NEBirds] Yoo Hoo
Nebraska birders,

Thanks to Paul and Ross for your ideas. The bird that we saw was
larger and slimmer than a quail
but fatter than a roadrunner. We saw its head, neck, shoulders and
upper breast. Its bill was larger,
in proportion to its head, than a quail's and shorter and thicker than
a roadrunner's. We have seen
many female pheasants but It did not look like one. I looked and
listened to several web sites but
could not find anything that sounded like it. Can anyone recommend a
recording device that we
can carry with us in the field?

Robin Harding
Kearney County

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Subject: RE: [NEBirds] Yoo Hoo
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Maybe about as short a shot as Roadrunner, which exists at the closest
about 125 miles from Nebraska. The nearest Scaled Quail population is
probably the one in Cheyenne County, CO, about 95 miles from Nebraska.

Things are moving north!


Ross Silcock

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Nebraska Bird Review

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Crazy long shot, but did it sound anything like a Scaled Quail? The
location isn't SO far from their range, they've got a 2-part call, and
tuft/crest on the head.

Paul Dunbar

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Nebraska birders,

On Sunday, July 23, Lanny and I were birding in the extreme
southeast corner of Hayes County when we heard something very
strange. We were birding along a county road very near the
area where Red Willow, Frontier, Hitchcock and Hayes Counties
intersect. We were standing on the road just about to turn
go back and get in the car, when we heard someone calling 'Yoo

Swear to God, it sounded just like a person trying to get our
attention. It certainly did. The call was faint but intriguing.
We did not see anybody around. Not a person, not a vehicle, not
a building of any kind. The habitat included short-grass prairie,
gullies with small trees and a little cropland.

We walked down the road toward the call. Finally, we saw a shape
in the short grass that may have been a bird. We looked with our
binoculars and saw a grouse making the 'Yoo Hoo' call! It was
standing on the ground with its head up as high as it could reach.
Every couple seconds, it would call 'Yoo Hoo.' Have any of you
ever heard such a thing?

We thought about approaching close enough to make the grouse fly
but decided not to harass it. We were fairly certain that it was
a Sharp-tailed Grouse. It had a very small crest on its head.
The crown seemed to be a bit rufous-colored. Its upper breast
was not barred but could have had chevrons. We saw it from the
back and from the side.

Before we left the spot, a local rancher stopped to see what we
were doing. We told him what we saw and asked him if he had ever
seen grouse around there. He said that he has seen a small group
living in a pasture not far away. Isn't this a bit south of their
normal range?

NO eBird

Robin Harding
northern Kearney County

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areas in the area.



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