Date: 7/26/17 4:53 am
From: Paul Dunbar <pastorpaultdunbar...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: Re: [NEBirds] Yoo Hoo
Crazy long shot, but did it sound anything like a Scaled Quail? The location isn't SO far from their range, they've got a 2-part call, and tuft/crest on the head.

Paul Dunbar

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> On Jul 25, 2017, at 8:36 PM, 'Lanny and Robin' <snowbunting...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...> wrote:
> Nebraska birders,
> On Sunday, July 23, Lanny and I were birding in the extreme
> southeast corner of Hayes County when we heard something very
> strange. We were birding along a county road very near the
> area where Red Willow, Frontier, Hitchcock and Hayes Counties
> intersect. We were standing on the road just about to turn around,
> go back and get in the car, when we heard someone calling 'Yoo
> Hoo."
> Swear to God, it sounded just like a person trying to get our
> attention. It certainly did. The call was faint but intriguing.
> We did not see anybody around. Not a person, not a vehicle, not
> a building of any kind. The habitat included short-grass prairie,
> gullies with small trees and a little cropland.
> We walked down the road toward the call. Finally, we saw a shape
> in the short grass that may have been a bird. We looked with our
> binoculars and saw a grouse making the 'Yoo Hoo' call! It was
> standing on the ground with its head up as high as it could reach.
> Every couple seconds, it would call 'Yoo Hoo.' Have any of you
> ever heard such a thing?
> We thought about approaching close enough to make the grouse fly
> but decided not to harass it. We were fairly certain that it was
> a Sharp-tailed Grouse. It had a very small crest on its head.
> The crown seemed to be a bit rufous-colored. Its upper breast
> was not barred but could have had chevrons. We saw it from the
> back and from the side.
> Before we left the spot, a local rancher stopped to see what we
> were doing. We told him what we saw and asked him if he had ever
> seen grouse around there. He said that he has seen a small group
> living in a pasture not far away. Isn't this a bit south of their
> normal range?
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