Date: 7/25/17 9:04 pm
From: Cherrie Corey <cherrie.corey62...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Cerulean Warbler
My husband and I have just retired to his family homestead in Marlboro after living for 40 years in Concord, MA. In just our first week here, I’ve counted 36 bird species (including an indigo bunting and scarlet tanager), heard and/or seen from our house which borders a 10+ acre meadow. This evening while out gathering mushrooms upslope of a dense and damp hardwood stand, I heard a warbler singing a repeated series of unfamiliar song, of which I heard only snippets in the same location three days ago. With some quick scanning of my Sibley’s app, it was spot on for a Cerulean (which I’ve heard only once before decades ago). I called it in to get a visual ID and it obliged. I could only find one local report on eBird over the last 117 years, on Wantastiquet Mtn. in Brattleboro in 2016. So very happy to be back in Vermont and I look forward to reading your reports.

Cherrie Corey
Marlboro, VT

Cherrie A. Corey
Naturalist and photographer
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