Date: 7/25/17 7:53 am
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Subject: IBET Origin of Montrose Piping Plover (No Sightings)
I submitted banding information to the Great Lakes Piping Plover Research and Recovery Team on 22-Jul-2017. The Piping Plover currently spending a few days at Montrose Beach in Chicago wears several bands, making its identification fairly straightforward. Thanks to Gordon Garcia's photo, I was able to read a few numbers on the metal band.

Upper left: Orange band with red dot
Lower left bottom: Green band
Upper right: Metal USGS band (legible numbers 544)
Lower right bottom: Green band

Long time monitor, Alice Van Zoeren, responded this morning to my inquiry, providing the following information.

This Piping Plover is only 7 weeks old, having hatched on 4-Jun-2017 in Manistee, MI as a member of the first wild brood of the season for the plovers monitored by the Great Lakes Piping Plover Research and Recovery Team in Michigan. It was banded one to two weeks later. It is an offspring of the beloved Packer Boy (Of,YG:X,G), who is in his 10th year nesting at Manistee.

Alice did not indicate its sex.


Matthew Cvetas
Evanston, IL

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