Date: 7/24/17 7:22 pm
From: Wayne Hoffman <whoffman...>
Subject: [obol] Re: harrier food
Hi, Alan -

I have seen Pacific Jumping Mice fairly regularly along the coast, including in the Dunes.  They do come out in daylight at times.  As mice go, they are quite small-bodied (but with that long tail).  They do often hop rather than walk or run, and do sometimes sit up on their hindlegs like minature kangaroo rats.

If it was moving by a four-legged walk/scramble/run it might more likely be a Deer Mouse.

On 7/24/2017 5:57:30 PM, Alan Contreras <acontrer56...> wrote:
On Sunday Tye and I saw a harrier carrying a small rodent along the s jetty road at Florence.

That's my excuse for mentioning that further out the road we saw a dark mouse scampering right down the center line at about 8:45 am in full sun. It then went into the grass but was still visible. I am too ignorant of the w Oregon meeces, but this had a very long thick tail that seemed slightly clubbed at the end. I'm guessing Pacific Jumping Mouse. Happy to hear from anyone who knows the meeces of the outer coast.

Alan Contreras
Eugene, Oregon


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