Date: 7/23/17 8:04 pm
From: Peter Nichols <petenich76...>
Subject: [mou-net] Blue Grosbeak Update and Correction, Washington County
The previously posted Washington County Blue Grosbeak returned around 11 AM
and was still present when Ben and I left around noon. Several other
birders heard and saw the bird, slightly north of the spot where I
originally reported it.

In the first email, I wrote that the bird was on Hemingway Ave, just north
of 95th St, but on Google Maps, the road we were on has no name, and the
next N/S road to the east is marked "Hemingway." (I believe both roads
have street signs that say "Hemingway.") To make things easier, here are
coordinates to the spot on the road where we were standing when we last saw
the Blue Grosbeak to the west (almost all the way to the Anderson Electric

44.813631, -92.952243

NOTE: all of the surrounding land is PRIVATE, but there is public parking
on the unmarked N/S street indicated with the above coordinates, as well as
a sidewalk on the east side and mowed shoulder on the west side.

Peter Nichols
Cottage Grove
Washington County

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