Date: 7/23/17 2:21 pm
From: <wforsythe...>
Subject: Swarovski on a roll

My dealings with Swarovski. I inherited an older model Swarovski
"block type angle scope." I sent it back to them last year as the prism
had some type of contaminant on it and the image became very poor in
moderate lighting. They replaced the prism at no charge and I had it
back in 2 weeks!

The other day I received a call from Swarovski asking me if I had
sold my scope. I said I recently sold 2 Swarovski scopes in the last
year or so. I gave both buyers receipts along with bills of sale. The
lady advised me that they had an eyepiece in for repair that was still
registered in my name. If it had been lost or stolen, they wanted to be
sure they sent it back to it's rightful owner! Not a cheap product, but
a great company to deal with that truly honors the "lifetime Warrantee!"

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