Date: 7/23/17 12:56 pm
From: Helen Kalevas (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Excellent service from Swarovski
Here here for Swarovski, free alignment and repair, shipping, cleaning and
prompt service. You call and get a service number and off they go. I've
had my bins for 18 years and used them in very harsh conditions as a
professional ornithologist in the Arizona desert and Grand Canyon. Last
winter I sent them in after ten years for cleaning and alignment. They
called to tell me the lenses were shot (I knew that). They charged me $125
for both sets of lenses and I have essentially a new pair of bins, hooray
for Swarovski.
Helen Kalevas

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On Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 3:03 PM, Paul Serridge <carolinabirds...>

> What follows is an example of the importance of after-sales service of
> binoculars.
> In February 2013 I bought new Swarovski EL 8.5 X 42 binoculars. I have
> been very pleased with their performance. However, over a period of time
> the protective exterior layer had started to become detached causing
> bubbling underneath that layer.
> In June I contacted Swarovski via email and immediately (30 minutes!)
> received a response with instructions about how to return the bins to
> Swarovski for service.
> I was told that it could be 4 to 6 weeks before the repaired binoculars
> were returned to me.
> I asked if they could possibly be returned by July 22 at the latest
> because I would be going on a birding trip on the 23rd. They said that they
> would do their best.
> Yesterday, July 21, I received a phone call from Swarovski telling me that
> the binoculars would be delivered the following morning.
> At 10.30 this morning they arrived at my home.
> Not only had the exterior covering been repaired or replaced but Swarovski
> had also conducted a full inspection and cleaning (internal and external),
> aligned the binoculars, repaired the focus mechanism, and replaced the
> eye-cups. They had also returned them overnight for Saturday morning
> delivery.
> All at no charge to me!
> Contrast that with the following actions of 2 other manufacturers.
> Several years ago I had a couple of problems with Zeiss binoculars. The
> focus adjustment had seized and would not budge. Zeiss charged me $120 to
> repair the mechanism. I was informed that the warranty applied to "optics
> only".
> Some time later when the external rubber protection started to come
> unstuck I contacted Zeiss and was told that they could fix it but it would
> cost me an amount that they could not estimate until I sent them the
> binoculars. I fixed it myself with super glue.
> A pair of Nikon Monarch binoculars which, soon after purchase, showed an
> eye-cup to be defective resulted in a charge of $20: $10 for a new eye-cup,
> $10 mailing fee! When I complained to the quality director at Nikon I was
> informed that they "have their policies". So for $20 they lost me as a
> future customer.
> In all 3 cases I was fully satisfied with the product itself. But in the
> case of Zeiss and Nikon I was totally dissatisfied with their service. I
> sincerely hope that their aervice has improved since my experiences.
> For me Swarovski sets the standard for both product and service. For them
> a life-time warranty is real, not something to wriggle out of.
> Paul Serridge
> Greenville, SC

Helen Kalevas
Near Hillsborough, NC

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