Date: 7/23/17 7:07 am
From: Audrey Whitlock (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Shorebirds arriving;Pea Island NWR, Dare County NC
Hey Birders

Hurray, my first good numbers of returning SHOREBIRDS. High SW winds and tide this morning but walked out in Split Pea (New) Inlet early (no bridge construction today) and found a few shorebirds but nothing unusual. BB, Semipalm Plovers, Marbled Godwits, Ruddy Turnstones, Sanderlings, Least & Semipalm Sandpipers, SB Dowitchers, and many Willets (one Western being chased by 2 Eastern). One Black Tern sitting with the our other tern breeders but they have been slowly migrating thru a couple of weeks now. Plenty of young Least Terns but did not see any Skimmer chicks today, probably tucked so not to be sand blasted. I also stopped and scoped the north end of North Pond and had more numbers of Least (65) and Semipalm (150) Sandpipers plus all the others I had at Split Pea except the M Godwits. Picked up Killdeer, a Piping Plover & Spotted Sandpipers for the morning too.

Good Birding,

Audrey Whitlock
S Nags Head, NC
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