Date: 7/22/17 8:07 pm
From: Beverly Hallberg <mapsout...>
Subject: [obol] Willet plus a Sandpiper ID help - Nehalem Bay SP - Tillamook County
Hi guys,

There was a lovely Willet at Nehalem Bay SP today hanging with 5 Whimbrels
on the beach. His picture is included in my eBird checklist:

There was also a presumed Least Sandpiper that did not look or act like a
Least Sandpiper on the river beach. He was all alone and hiding in the
tidal plants for the most part. Most Least Sandpipers I see are on the
rocks or at the water's edge with the Semipalmated Plovers or with a bigger
flock of peeps. The bill seemed slightly longer, fatter and less curved and
he seemed a little larger, definitely more upright in posture and when
feeding had a more tippy, bent-over look than the typical hunched-down
appearance of a Least Sandpiper. I took a bunch of pictures and put up 10
of them in a Flickr album. So, while it most likely is a Least Sandpiper,
it has some markings which make me wonder. There is a bit of that "J" look
on the front of the face with dark reaching all the way down to the bill.
While there is no obvious lighter look to the lower bill - there is a bit
of reddish-brown tone under the bill that shows up particularly in picture
#0937. I have no idea about the length of the toes but there are a few
pics with marginal views of them. Many more pictures are available but I
don't think they'll add much more info.

So for what it's worth, I thought it best to share rather than just assume
a Least Sandpiper.

Link to Flickr album:

Best, Beverly

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