Date: 7/22/17 6:03 pm
From: Homer Hansen <hhansen...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] SEAZ: Cochise Lake, Willcox - Water Situatuion - Please Respond Off-list
I have been out of state, unfortunately causing a delay in providing any
information that I have.

First, I would like to clarify that the current discharge of effluent is
independent of the wastewater treatment plant project. Effluent is being
generated at the existing plant and it is capable of being discharged to
Cochise Lake; however, this same effluent is also discharged to the Twin
Lakes Golf Course. Over the past three years or so, more and more of the
discharge that was historically shared with Cochise Lake has been redirected
to the golf course, resulting in a significant decline of the water levels.
Concerted efforts by local birders at times were able to garner 1 or 2 days
a week of discharge to prevent the complete loss of the lake. However, this
year, despite our requests, ALL the discharge has been directed to the golf
course, thus the current water situation. I think everyone recognizes how
this impacts our migratory birds, and right now, especially our shorebirds.

For those who are interested or concerned about the current situation, I
encourage you to EMAIL or WRITE the Mayor of Willcox (this provides
distribution to the council and to the public works department). PLEASE
COPY ME WITH ANY CORRESPONDENCE. I would like to create an "archive" of
this correspondence. For those who do send an email or letter, not everyone
uses the kiosk sign-in sheet or notes what they spend locally when they
visit the lake, and in the past, this information was very helpful with
presentations to the mayor and council. Any reference to your personal
visits may be helpful in the current situation.



Mike Laws <mlaws...>
Mayor of Willcox

Please copy:

Homer Hansen <hhansen...>

Carol Broeder <carol.broeder...>



City Hall
101 S. Railroad Ave
Suite. B
Willcox, AZ 85643
Attn: Mayor Mike Laws

Please copy:

Homer Hansen
2376 W. Lillie Rd.
Willcox, AZ 85643


Most sincerely,
Homer Hansen
Willcox/Tucson, AZ


For those who wish to learn more about the ecological importance of Cochise,
I recommend visiting the IBA website for a comprehensive write-up:

General current information with brief history of the Willcox lagoons:

"A brief history of the plant, saying that in the late 1940s it was a
five-acre single lagoon, and in 1967 another seven-acre lagoon was added.
The addition of surface aerators and chlorination occurred in the 1980s,
then in 2002, a lift station, a septage receiving station (for septage
haulers), and a lab/control building were added. In 2011, the plant's
treatment process was upgraded, with effluent to be discharged to Cochise
Lake or the Twin Lakes Golf Course."

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