Date: 7/22/17 8:07 am
From: Bill Whan <billwhan...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Birding in Texas: some warnings
I know a lot of Ohio birders have seen the extravagant birdlife of the
Rio Grande River along the US/Mexican border. American park properties
along the river like Santa Ana NWR used to offer an opportunity to do
some excellent birding along their luxuriant habitats. I am seeing a lot
of complaints from birders who are being denied access to excellent US
property in the parks, along with the destruction of bird habitats; see
for example some posts on today's Missouri listserve
that describe the new efforts by the Trump administration to build a
wall along the US/Mexico border. Or check the 20 July Texas list to see what birders there think of
the Wall's construction. This is not just a stupid plan to seal off the
US, but a more important destruction of a significant chain of riparian
habitats in an arid area that is otherwise not attractive to
semitropical birds. See what you think.
Bill Whan


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