Date: 7/21/17 10:33 pm
From: Ted Floyd <tedfloyd57...>
Subject: [cobirds] northwestern Boulder County, July 21
Hey, everybody.

Hannah Floyd and I enjoyed off-and-on Boulder County birding during much of
today, Friday, July 21.

We started off at Crane Hollow Road near Hygiene, which had a singing
*dickcissel,* a singing *bobolink,* a silent *eastern phoebe,* and several *eastern
kingbirds.* Next, where the St. Vrain River goes under 63rd/61st St., we
heard a *red-eyed vireo* and a *savannah sparrow,* and we saw a couple of *gray

Then we joined up with the American Birding Association's Camp Colorado,
which had assembled at Rabbit Mountain. The non-avian distractions were
considerable: colorful and ginormous orthopterans, divers meadowhawks,
scattered fritillaries, toads, venomous snakes, hulking beetles, svelte
robber flies, and more. But we managed to squeeze in a bit of birding, with
such sightings as a *canyon wren,* several *blue grosbeaks,* a couple of *blue-gray
gnatsnatchers,* a handful of not-a-warbler-anymore *yellow-breasted chats,*
and, on the drive out, a magnificent *peregrine falcon.*

Then it was over to Old South Road near Lyons, where we saw *white-throated
swifts,* several glorious adult male *lazuli buntings,* widely scattered *cordilleran
flycatchers,* a cooperative male *black-chinned hummingbird,* and a
disappearing *American dipper.* An eight-spotted forester lumbered across
the road, and two-tailed swallowtails were prolific.

Then we went to Larimer County.

Then Hannah and I, having said goodbye to Camp Colorado, returned to
bless├Ęd Boulder County, but not without first incurring the wrath of an
impressive Larimer County hailstorm. Anyhow, back in Boulder County, we
studied hummingbirds at the Fawn Brook Inn, Allenspark, where we saw a few *rufous
hummingbirds* and a mighty company of *broad-tailed hummingbirds,*
including a beautiful leucistic individual.

Our last bird of the afternoon, on the drive down Route 7 toward Lyons, was
a juvenile dipper standing on a rock in Middle St. Vrain Creek.

See below for pix of the peregrine, the leucistic broad-tail, a "normal"
broad-tail, the Rte 7 dipper, and a Rabbit Mountain *lark sparrow. *Lots
more of course on Facebook, including insects and herps and such.






Ted Floyd
Lafayette, Boulder County

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