Date: 7/21/17 2:42 pm
From: Daniel Farrar <jdanielfarrar...>
Subject: [obol] Probable BRISTLE-THIGHED CURLEW, Douglas Co.
Today (7-21) while surveying for Snowy Plovers at Oregon Dunes
Overlook, Douglas county we had what was likely a BRISTLE-THIGHED CURLEW
fly south overhead. It was solo and it's call is what caught my
attention. My coworker described it as sounding like someone had whistled
to get her attention. The call was notably different than the typical 3
part call of a WHIMBREL and reminded me somewhat of Black-bellied Plover.

As the bird flew fairly low overhead I was able to get on it and see it
was a clearly a *Numenius *sp. with a bill similar in length to a
WHIMBREL. The underwings were orange-buffy and did not match any whimbrel
I've ever seen. As it flew south I could not see the rump nor was breast
streaking noted. One idea I entertained was that it could be a young LB
Curlew with a short bill but it had the face pattern of Whimbrel/BT
Curlew. After listening to calls on Xeno-canto Bristle-thighed was the
closest match. LB Curlew sounded higher pitched and and more drawn out.

Thoughts/comments welcome. The bird never landed and we drove as far
south as Tahkenitch Creek to see if it came down. Maybe Dave and Kathy
will have it show up in Coos in the next few days (not that they need it! ;)

Daniel Farrar
Dunes City, Oregon

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