Date: 7/21/17 6:58 am
From: Craig Gibson <cbgibson...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] 2017 Peregrine Nesting/Banding update
For those with an interest, a summary on the 2017 Peregrine Falcon nesting and banding season results:

42 total pairs likely nested, but 10 pairs were not monitored closely enough to know their outcome. At least 32 pairs laid eggs, of which 8 pairs failed, and 24 successful pairs fledged at least 53 chicks. A total of 40 chicks were banded from 15 nests. One chick was found injured after fledging and is still being treated at the Tufts Wildlife Clinic.

This summary courtesy of Dr. Tom French at MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife!


Craig Gibson

Winchester, MA

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