Date: 7/17/17 1:26 am
From: Rich Weaver <popeyeweaver...>
Subject: Re: Fremont County birding July 15
Can we drink beer?

On Jul 16, 2017 9:30 AM, "Alice Flyr" <aflyr...> wrote:

> 4 of us from Cody made the trip to Hudson to get the Dickcissel and Blue
> Grosbeak. Life birds for all of us. Thank you Bob Hargis for your
> assistance in making this a memorable day. With Bob's recommendation we
> continued to Ocean Lake. Upon approaching the WMA we saw about 50 Sandhill
> Cranes. We were delighted when 8 juvenile Soras crossed the road. We saw
> the first one at a distance and they continued to pop out one at a time as
> we approached in the car for a closer look. They came from the deep grass
> at
> the edge of Long Point Road with irrigated fields on the sides, then ran
> nervously across and skidded to a stop at the other side before
> disappearing
> into the cattails and tall grass under a Russian Olive tree.
> Upon approaching the tree I could hear soft comforting sounds. Could only
> imagine they were saying "Whew, we made it". Other highlights were hearing
> the Virginia Rail and Marsh Wren. Plenty of other songs we don't know yet!
> Alice Flyr
> Cody
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