Date: 7/16/17 11:21 pm
From: Nancy Miller <nmiller...>
Subject: [inland-NW-birders] nice sightings
Hi all

I went out to hang a hummingbird feeder I'd just refilled and heard little
chattering. I looked up and two very young pygmy nuthatches were sitting
there wiggling and chattering within about 4 feet of my head. Of course when
I got my camera they were gone and I searched likely areas without seeing
them. Although we occasionally (rarely) see them around this area we almost
never see them at our place. Oddly enough the last time I remember seeing
them at our place there were several very young ones sitting on a branch.
Wish they'd make it a habit. That was years ago.

I'm pretty sure we had a yellow-rumped warbler today. Very gray but lighter
in the right areas and chipping as it moved through the hawthorn. I tried to
coax it to the water feature where I think it wanted to go but it didn't

We still have numerous hummingbirds including black-chinned male (?s) and a
territorial rufous female.

The serviceberries are fully ripe now and many birds are taking advantage.

The coyotes are howling - hopefully they'll discover that we have a generous
rabbit supply.

Nancy Miller

Viola, ID

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