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Subject: Re: [CVBirds] destruction of Western Screech Owl nesting habitat

It appears that this may be a violation of state law, specifically Fish
and Game Code 3503. That law prohibits the destruction of “active” bird
nests; ones with eggs and/or immature birds. It is not just applicable to
endangered or other “listed” species. I believe that is in addition to
any federal penalties, such as those referred to below.
You may wish to contact Cal Tip at 1-888-334-CalTIP . Hopefully that will
get you in contact with a representative of the Department of Fish and
Wildlife law enforcement and they can determine whether their involvement is
appropriate in this instance. It is possible that trimming of existing
vegetation may be exempt.

It is unclear from the message whether the City was aware of the existence
of the nest, and if so, how. For the future, it may be advisable to
provide written documentation of nest locations to the City in the appropriate
Frank Gray

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This is a violation of the Migratory Bird Act. Call USFW enforcement.There
will be fines and possibly jail time. You must have evidence of who did

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I learned today that a nesting site occupied for several years by Western
Screech Owls was destroyed by City of Modesto park employees or contractors
conducting a trimming operation in a city park. Photographic documentation
is available.
Though I am currently angry, I am interested in any examples of situations
where birders have worked in productive ways with cities to prevent such
thoughtless and destructive acts from occurring.
Please feel free to respond to me privately,
John Harris

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