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Subject: [NEBirds] Hamilton,Polk and York Counties
Hello Nebraska birders,

No ebird

Saturday July 15, Robin and I looked in the three corners area of
Hamilton, York and Polk Counties for birds, with a little bit of
success. I will show you a list of our highlights followed by their

Northern Bobwhite (many)
Upland Sandpiper (1)
Lark Sparrow (at least 2)
Song Sparrow (several)
Blue Grosbeak (2)
Indigo Bunting (2)

We started out our day with dueling Bell's Vireos at the edge of our
yard. Saturday's field trip in Hamilton, York and Polk Counties we
made at least six stops where we heard at least one Northern Bobwhite
each stop. In northeastern Hamilton County we saw an immature male
Blue Grosbeak that showed a blue head and blue spots on its otherwise
tan breast. Where the three counties come together one mile north of
the Big Blue River we heard an Upland Sandpiper. A mile south near
the Big Blue River Bridge we saw and heard an Indigo Bunting. Four
miles south of the Big Blue River Bridge we saw and heard a Lark
Sparrow. On and off for more than twenty minutes Robin could hear it,
but we could only catch glimpses of it. Then it flew and landed in
bare branches across the ditch from us. We studied it with a scope.
Further south we heard another Blue Grosbeak, saw another Indigo
Bunting and Robin heard more Lark Sparrows. We heard and/or saw
several Song Sparrows through out our bird trip.

Robin added a Lark Sparrow to her Hamilton County list for a new total
of 170. I already had Lark Sparrow on my Hamilton County list my total
remained at 167. We both added Lark Sparrow to our York County
lists. Robin's new total is 156 while mine is 152.

May your birds be lifers and your troubles temporary.

good birding and goodbye,


Lanny Randolph
2028 34th Rd.
Minden Nebraska
south central Nebraska
north central Kearney County



Posted by: "Lanny and Robin" <snowbunting...>



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