Date: 7/16/17 6:01 pm
From: Tim Hahn <thahnbirder...>
Subject: [wisb] Ovenbird Nest - Vernon SWA (Waukesha)
While doing atlas surveys in the Genesee CE block (Waukesha), I came across
a pair of Ovenbirds in Vernon SWA that did not like me hanging around. As
the male sang at me from a branch above, the female walked away to a nearby
shrub and started chirping. They were clearly trying to hide their nest by
distracting me, so I left them alone.
On my way back down the trail the male reminded me again that this was his
spot, but the female wasn't around. Then I looked down and caught her eye
as she sat in her oven nest. She immediately bolted from her nest and gave
me the business. I took a few pics of the nest that has at least 4 eggs and
hit the trail to give them their space.

Ovenbirds have some of the most unique nests. As their name suggests, they
build a hollow cave out of sticks and needles with an entrance that
provides quick escape.

Photos of the nest with eggs can be seem at this link. She bolted from the
nest before I could get a photo of her.

Tim Hahn
Pewaukee, WI
Waukesha Cty
WBBA II Coordinator
Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club

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