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So, would all y’all please copy us on IBLE? Re: your discussion on FB……… Thank you. =)

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Subject: [IBLE] Alder flycatcher-big wood river

Hello everyone,

this morning my girlfriend and I heard the Bewick's Wren singing south of Hailey and we also heard a bird that sounded good for Alder Flycatcher. I was able to get decent recordings of the song, but I have no experience with this species and I will be posting to Facebook later today when I can, to get some discussion going.

It was singing across the river barely upstream from the last big Cottonwood at the bewicks wren spot: 43.2243, -114.3547

There is better access to the bird across the river from the wren spot.

Austin Young

Twin Falls, ID


Austin Young
Twin Falls, ID

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