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Now that I'm back home trying to put out a proper email following my truncated prior email from the field and the emails from the original finder of the PARAKEET AUKLET , Rudy Wallen. Cell service was/is difficult at best at that location.

Rudy found the PAAU during his survey and sent out the various posts to SFBirds with photo and location.

Several of us observed the PAAU (apologies on not having the names of the 2 nice folks who initially re-found it) just after 1:00 PM and then observed it on and off with other gathering birders until around 2:30 when the bird was observed flying to the back of "Hermit Rock". Not sure if the birders in the field have observed it since then.

I'm not familiar with the names of all the rocks in the area or the pin coordinates, but here's the easiest way to find the location:

Drive to the "Mile Rock Overlook" which is the parking area for the USS San Francisco Memorial at the end of El Camino del Mar off of Point Lobos Ave. (Parking is tight on weekends like today with all the tourists.)

Walk down the staircase from the overlook to the Coastal Trail (there is another tourist overlook at the bottom of the stairs). Turn right and walk ~100 yards to the next organized overlook. The big stack rock just off from the shore below is apparently named "Hermit Rock". That's where Rudy found the PAAU and where it was perched for most of the time it was in view. There are numerous nesting Pigeon Guillemots in the crevices on the rock as well as a couple of Black Oystercatchers and Western Gulls, both of which species chased the PAAU. The auklet was also observed for several minutes on a smaller rock closer to shore, and in flight around Hermit Rock, but we did not see it on the water. Distant photos were obtained.

There was also an early/summering WANDERING TATTLER perched near the bottom of Hermit Rock for much of the time.

Note that a PAAU was found and photographed in this area by an observer almost exactly a year ago (fide eBirds -- Marty DeAngelo; 7/13/16). Presumably the same individual?

Hope others in the field are seeing the Auklet and will report.

Congrats and thanks again to Rudy.

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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2:40pm bird not visible on W face of rock, heading out so took a quick look from the angle near the stairs that go down to Mile Rock beach, no luck. Best would be join gang on costal trail just south of rock, or wait until low tide and go out on rocks just N of Hermit rock (this is only apparent at low tide)

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Awesome find and thanks to the finder for quick postings!

Several of us watching it in scopes -- perched atop the rock right now.

Paul Saraceni
San Francisco

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Dropped Pin near Sea Cliff, San Francisco, CA 94121,-122.506805&hl=en&gl=us

Sorry folks, YGroups interface unpleasant, .5 bars. Bad combo
At this point with the tide coming the best view is to perhaps hike the trail with a SE view of the rock. It has flown out a few times, typically landing on the W face but once on the E. Prepare for a lot of PIGU flyouts.

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