Date: 7/16/17 3:11 pm
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Subject: [obol] Lane, Benton, Marion today
Hi all,

Alan Contreras, Tye Jeske, Evan, and I birded the wetlands at Fern Ridge,
Finley NWR, and Ankeny NWR today. Here's a summary of shorebirds at Ankeny
and Fern Ridge:

Fern Ridge:

Semipalmated Plover--7
Greater Yellowlegs--40
Spotted Sandpiper--4
Western Sandpiper--120ish
Least Sandpiper--20

Ankeny (all Eagle Marsh):

G Yellowlegs--2
Wilson's Phal--1 juvenile

In other birds, one Willow Flycatcher singing on Royal Trail at FR. A BC
NIGHT-HERON and a Bittern flushed from the marshes. 14 Pelicans, 2 Wood
Ducks, 2 Hooded Mergansers. A Great-horned Owl appeared to be hunting from
a snag above the ponds in broad daylight. 4 Virginia Rails. Several Purple
Martin's and Cliff Swallows.

Finley was mostly dry but for young Coots and 2 Cinnamon Teal.

Ankeny (Pintail) held maybe 20 PB Grebes, including young, and also Coots.
Mostly surprising was five recently fledged RUDDY DUCK chicks, along with
two bright basic-plumage males. 8 Wood Ducks.

Eagle had little other than shorbs, Cliff Swallows.

Good birding,

Caleb Centanni

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