Date: 7/16/17 2:46 pm
From: DJ Lauten and KACastelein <deweysage...>
Subject: [obol] speaking of sparrows....
A couple of months ago I noted that White-crowned Sparrows were not
breeding on our yard, for the first time since we moved here (north of
Bandon Coos Co).

Well about 2 weeks ago they suddenly showed up in the yard again, did a
little singing, and recently we noted two fledglings chasing around adults.

We do not think they nested in the yard, so we believe the fledglings
are following the adults.

Bottom line: there must be some movement of sparrows in June/July,
because they were not here then. They could be from the neighborhood
(across the street or down the street), but still, they were not here
and they are now.......


Dave Lauten and Kathy Castelein

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