Date: 7/16/17 1:05 pm
From: 'Jeanne Jackson' <jackson2...> [Mendobirds] <Mendobirds-noreply...>
Subject: [Mendobirds] Osprey chick fledged
7/16/17 Anchor Bay

Hi All,
“Our” Osprey chick fledged today. I think another Osprey chick fledged yesterday from a nest I can’t see, but can often hear the female calling. There were some beginning flying lessons late yesterday afternoon, with a juvenile Osprey flying lower than the adults fly. I love it that the fledglings come back to the nest to eat and rest. It’s a wonderful show to watch through our spotting scope.

If you are interested in seeing the two chicks in the third Peregrine Falcon nest on the southern Mendocino coast, I have just posted two photos: The chicks in the other two nests have fledged, four in one and two in another.

86 degrees here at 1 pm. Where is our fog?

Jeanne, Anchor Bay
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