Date: 7/16/17 1:04 pm
From: Ray Marr <rmarr2...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Purple Martins of Crestwood Country Club and Clark family farm Wheeler avenue Rehoboth.
The Flock of Purple Martins has done well from 89 pairs in 2016 to a record 116 pairs with both sites combined
The Clark Family has 57 pairs most with chicks and Crestwood has 59 pairs mostly with young. Crestwood
Country Club added another 18 conley gourds to the club this year. Each site can support 72 pairs with combined
effort of 144 gourds. The martins continue to produce eggs as late as last week. The entire nesting cycle was late this
season by as much as two weeks. Even with the cold damp weather this season the flock preformed a nice recovery
compared to last season. More Troyer gourds are planned in 2018. Season totals in Sept

Many Thanks to Crestwood Country Club and the Clark Family.

Raymond Marr

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