Date: 7/16/17 12:42 pm
From: Jean Martin <jeanmartin...>
Subject: [texbirds] Mississippi Kite - Travis County

I was surprised this morning to see an adult Mississippi Kite soaring low
over a street in my neighborhood of NW Austin (a mile northeast of the
Arboretum area). I feel confident about the identity of the kite, as I
could see the dark gray trailing edges of the wings and dark undertail, with
lighter gray underbody and leading edges of wings and lighter head. Also, I
was birding in the Texas Panhandle for five days earlier this month and saw
dozens of Mississippi Kites from various angles and distances. Since this
isn't a species seen regularly in the county during summer, I checked the
TOS Handbook of Texas Birds and found that Travis County is right on the
edge of their breeding range.

I checked eBird and noticed that Byron Stone reported having seen two adult
MIKIs in the Northwest Hills area of Austin 4 days ago (7/12). The location
where I spotted the one individual is about 3 miles NNE of the location
Byron marked on the eBird map. So, Austin birders, keep your eyes open for
these lovely kites.

Jean Martin


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