Date: 7/16/17 11:32 am
From: Griffin Richards <griffingrichards...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Bar-tailed Godwit subspecies
A question about subspecies for the Bar-tailed Godwit in Chatham.

I believe it was previously identified as Siberian (baueri) per grayish checkered underwings, but the back was not seen. From Mark Faherty’s photos of the bird in flight ( <>), it has the white rump and back stripe of the nominate European form, which is the more expected subspecies for the Atlantic coast. While my guides show the European form as having a clean white underwing, I have found pictures of other Bar-tailed Godwits identified as European with a checkered underwing instead (see the 2 checklists at the bottom for examples).

So 1. anyone feel free to correct me but I believe the Bar-tailed Godwit in Chatham is actually the European subspecies (L. l. lapponica), not the Siberian subspecies (L. l. baueri)
And 2. can anyone tell me what age/molt determines whether or not a European Bar-tailed Godwit has a clean white underwing or not?


Two examples of L. l lapponica with grayish/checkered underwings: <> <>

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