Date: 7/16/17 10:22 am
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The results of the poll are in:
Juvenile Mourning Dove: 5
CA Thrasher: 2
Juvenile Grackle: 2

After looking at the photos again upside down I think MODO is correct. The bill is not as long as I originally thought, ruling out grackle and thrasher. And the facial pattern and greyish blue in the wings also match MODO. So I change my vote from Grackle, bringing MODO to 6 votes and winning by a near landslide.

Chris Johnson
San Jose, CA

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Subject: [SBB] ID Help


This is an odd request, but I came across a fresh Cooper's Hawk attack at Lake Cunningham yesterday and I'm struggling to come up w/ an ID for the prey bird ( The photos in the ebird report show it has a fairly long and possibly even down-curved bill. I saw the tail end of the attack as it took place over a large grassy area, and the prey bird seemed quite large; perhaps 1/2 the size of the Cooper's or even a little larger. The best I could come up with is female Great-tailed Grackle.

Otherwise, there wasn't much going on bird wise at 5 pm. Just a whole lot of sun and little shade.

Chris Johnson

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