Date: 7/16/17 9:48 am
From: Jean Williams <jeanwill48...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] continuing red-headed woodpecker
I spoke too soon. Yesterday (Saturday) the red-headed woodpecker stopped by our suet feeder at least three times: we saw it at about 8:30 am, 12:45 pm, and again at 5:30 pm. This morning (Sunday) we saw it again about 7:30 am. So it is definitely still in the area.

Birders are welcome to come and try to see it. The address is 8 Stratham Rd in Lexington. Our house is behind #6 Stratham, but the driveway is between #2 and #6 (out of number order). The road is very narrow--no place to park. It would be best to park on Worthen Rd. and walk up Stratham to our house. We're in and out. There may or may not be anyone home. Feel free to use the lawn chairs; move them around to find a shady spot. We recommend viewing from the chairs set in the shade behind the barn. The bird uses the hemlocks beside the house as a staging area before coming to the feeder. If you're sitting behind the barn, you may be able to see it land and look around--you'll get a longer viewing of the bird. Also, the bird is easy to spook, so stay well back from the feeder. Be prepared for some long hours with lots of blue jays and grackles.

Jean Williams



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