Date: 7/16/17 8:30 am
From: Alice Flyr <aflyr...>
Subject: Fremont County birding July 15
4 of us from Cody made the trip to Hudson to get the Dickcissel and Blue
Grosbeak. Life birds for all of us. Thank you Bob Hargis for your
assistance in making this a memorable day. With Bob's recommendation we
continued to Ocean Lake. Upon approaching the WMA we saw about 50 Sandhill
Cranes. We were delighted when 8 juvenile Soras crossed the road. We saw
the first one at a distance and they continued to pop out one at a time as
we approached in the car for a closer look. They came from the deep grass at
the edge of Long Point Road with irrigated fields on the sides, then ran
nervously across and skidded to a stop at the other side before disappearing
into the cattails and tall grass under a Russian Olive tree.

Upon approaching the tree I could hear soft comforting sounds. Could only
imagine they were saying "Whew, we made it". Other highlights were hearing
the Virginia Rail and Marsh Wren. Plenty of other songs we don't know yet!

Alice Flyr

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