Date: 7/16/17 8:34 am
From: Mike Brady <00000033e862acc5-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Epstein Prairie(Chubb Trail)-7-16

Headed over to the Epstein Prairie section of the Chubb Trail(off of Lewis
Rd,St Louis Co) early this morn

Got there just in time to hear a distant CHUCKS giving its last few calls
followed by a GREAT HORNED OWL

The dawn chorus was pretty much in full swing in the still mostly dark
morning.CHAT,INDIGO,BLUE GROSBEAK,C-YELLOWTHROATS were calling from the tall
grass prairie area

From the oak/hickory forest just above the prairie KENTUCKY,WORM EATING
PARULA warblers as well as both tanagers, PEWEES and GREAT CRESTED

From the floodplain forest areas ACADIAN FLYCATCHERS as well as at least 1
PROTHONOTARY warbler sang

Coyote and armadillo made a showing

All these guys heard and seen from the Epstein Prairie parking area.

A spot along Crescent rd before one gets to the Epstein Prairie parking
lot used to be pretty reliable for getting both nightjars at the same
time.Unfortunately seems a subdivision has popped up there over the last several

By 700,except for indigos, most song had
stopped.KITE,BROAD-WING,RED-SHOULDERED,BALD EAGLE all made an appearence as I drove out towards I-44

-Mike Brady
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