Date: 7/16/17 7:56 am
From: Jeff Parks <lastimout...>
Subject: [cobirds] Cowbird chick with unknown host mom



Hi all -

Yesterday afternoon looked like rain, so I had to get out and bird. I
hopped on the bike and headed down the South Boulder Creek trail, which
gets pretty quiet when the weather turns. I was hoping to see some
Red-Tailed Hawks, since there is a nest in one of the large Cottonwoods
down there, but they were either hatched or hiding, I didn't see any signs
of a RTHA. I went down along the creek for awhile, and there were LOTS of
swallows skimming above the water, along with a small group of Cedar
Waxwings. I watched them for awhile, and as I was sitting there, I saw a
small yellow bird flitting back and forth between some bushes and a
slightly taller tree. In the tree was a young bird, who turned out to be a
Cowbird chick, waiting to be fed. The little yellow bird would go and
collect food, and bring it back to the young Cowbird. I managed to get a
few pictures of the yellow bird, and am hoping that someone can help me
identify it. I worked through Sibley for awhile, but am not coming to a
conclusion as to what it might be. The bottom picture shows it pretty well
(along with the Cowbird chick), the other two are not as good, but show
some features. Had it not been for the chick, I would have only seen a
quick glimpse of this bird, and just written it down as "little yellow

cheers -

Jeff Parks

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