Date: 7/15/17 7:13 pm
From: Andy Frank <andydfrank...>
Subject: [obol] Aristophanes gets a new visitor
Aristophanes is the name of a Common Raven, an "ed bird," at Portland
Audubon (info about him is at
Aristophanes, or Ari, can be quite enjoyable to visit, as he will sometimes
vocalize what sounds like "hi Ari."

For awhile now he has been getting visits from 2 wild Common Ravens.
Aristophanes' cage is a large wire cage so he can see out in all
directions. Often the wild ravens will land on top of his cage and then
they seem to have a conversation.

I've heard from a volunteer at Audubon that today Aristophanes was visited
by 3 Common Ravens, and to the observer, one appeared to be a recently
fledged bird.

It's been assumed Common Ravens have been nesting in Forest Park, but I'm
not sure there was ever proof before, so I like this story because now
there's proof, but even more so because I love the idea that these wild
ravens treat Ari as one of their own, and apparently wanted to introduce
their new chick to him.

Andy Frank

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