Date: 7/15/17 5:57 pm
From: Shawneen Finnegan <shawneenfinnegan...>
Subject: [obol] May 19, 2017 Fernhill Wetlands Red-breasted Merganser
Following up on Dave Irons’s post this afternoon about Fernhill Wetlands merganser sightings, attached is the female Red-breasted Merganser I found on May 19 while doing weekly spring surveys for Audubon/Clean Water Services. I posted a message to OBOL about it that morning.

The reason I called this a female as opposed to an immature male is that imm males can look much like a female but will have some black surrounding their eyes, unlike this bird. There is also a pale line under the eye, another feature that would distinguish it from a young Hooded Merganser. The bill is longer and more orangey red than the latter.

Shawneen Finnegan
Beaverton, OR

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