Date: 7/15/17 2:44 pm
From: B.G. Sloan <bgsloan3...>
Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] Bird song/call ID question...
After listening to it for awhile something clicked in my brain. Recently
fledged Red-tailed Hawk. Checked on Xeno-Canto and found a juvenile
recording that matched. I've only heard (or recognized) this call a few
times before over the years. Took a while to process, but then the
proverbial light came on in my brain. :-)

Bernie Sloan
Highland Park

On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 2:05 PM, B.G. Sloan <bgsloan3...> wrote:

> I've been hearing a bird call/song for the past few days that I've been
> trying to identify. Fairly loud insistently repeated call that sounds like
> "burr-LEEK". In the Rutgers preserve woods. Any suggestion as to what
> species I should check out? Thanks!
> Bernie Sloan
> Highland Park

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