Date: 7/14/17 7:42 pm
From: V Prislipsky <vprislipsky...>
Subject: Phainopepla Mystery
This evening Hot Springs Village Audubon held our annual potluck celebration for our Halberg scholarship campers. It's always a good time and we're glad we can do a tiny part to maybe influence our planet's future. One of our members keeps a collection of window/car strike birds in her freezer for this occasion. It provides a somewhat macabre but interesting activity before the more serious activity of eating begins. Occasionally we've had a bird ID contest but lately it has been just an opportunity to look at the specimens. Either way, the kids enjoy it. We don't have a system for whom or when the birds were donated. Our historians, M/M Baker are quite sure these are all HSV donations with the exception of one larger bird that was donated by a Hot Springs (City) birder but could be found in the Village. Anyway, I looked at the birds again. As usual I'm amazed at how small most of them are. One bird stood out because I didn't remember seeing it before. It took a couple of us to figure it out. Phainopeplas are not Village birds. If my search of the rare bird data base is correct there has never been one seen in AR. Why would someone bring a dead bird from the deep southwest just to donate to the HSV Audubon freezer collection?
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