Date: 7/14/17 3:04 pm
From: Harvey Tomlinson <oddbirdsin...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Birding Stuff/Brig
Hi Jersey Birders,
Long time no post.
I would like to give a big shout out to Sandra Keller.
Through patience, prodding, and persistence she has got me back to using
eBird. I used to be a BIG lister but listing stopped being fun so I
stopped. Couldn't even tell you my Life List.
But, one of the things about eBird is we all stopped posting to JerseyBirds.
I'm sure there is a way to get reports as their loaded real time by birders
into eBird but in my case I wait for a daily email that's usually 24 hours
That's an advantage of JerseyBirds. We can post our sightings and
narratives in time for birders to make decisions about where they might
want to go the next day.
For example: I found Western Sandpipers at Brig on 7-11-17 but if you go
looking for sightings for Western Sandpipers you'll only find Tom Baxters
report from a few days earlier in Cape May.
Westerns have arrived at Brig. They are in plumage and wonderful to see.
There has been a large influx of Dowitchers at Brig with a big number of
hendersoni,a mid-western subspecies.
Hendersoni are rufous colored from chin to tail and are beautiful birds.
Often they are mistaken for Long-billed Dowitchers.
Hendersoni are spotted, Long-billed are barred or "clean". This is a really
simplified way to ID a very rufous Dowitcher ( dowitchers are tough) but if
you see a Dowitcher that is all rufous check for an abundance of spots.
If spotted it's going to be a hendersoni.
Another foolproof way is to learn their calls.
I've read that Long-billed Dowitchers are much more vocal than
Short-billed. They call in flight more often and when feeding in groups
just chatter away
Hendersoni aside, there have been sighting's of Long-billed Dowitcher at
Brig this July already.
There are 2 confirmed reports posted to eBird from 7-4-17.
eyr=2017 )
There will be more
Stilt Sandpipers are also putting on a show this July at Brig. They too are
This is also the month to find a Stint.
They should all be adults so if the Bugs don't distract you there's a
chance of finding one.
One trick I've learned about the bugs is if you get out to scan get away
from your vehicle.
I spent 45 mins walking the south dike without a bite. The minute I got
back into my van...Bamm!!!! 2 Greenhead attacks
And of course 40% Deet spray helps.
All Things Birds are running weekly trips to Brig. Check NJ Audubon's
website for dates.
It's Shorebird Season folks...Bird On!!!!
......and maybe post to JerseyBirds
Harvey Tomlinson

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